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Our Philosophy
The "Haven Living" difference

Traditionally, a condominium owner has the responsibility for the interior of their suite and occasionally certain common elements. At Haven Living, we believe condominium owners shouldn’t have to worry about anything. Now that’s a “care-free” lifestyle.

Located in Port Elgin; our dedicated office team works with condominium boards and individuals to meet all management, legal and financial obligations. Applicable documentation is shared with board members and individual suite owners and is accessible online using a secure owner login. Our on-site team oversees all contracted services and carefully monitors the quality of service.

The Haven team has an in depth knowledge of all buildings managed and is able to identify potential issues become they escalate. Haven Living employs proprietary technology to optimize management operations but will always maintain a human connection.

664 Goderich St.,
Port Elgin, Ontario N0H 2C0